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Custom eCommerce Development
Transform Your eCommerce Business with Custom eCommerce Development Services

What is Custom eCommerce Development?

ECommerce development service refers to crafting a unique eCommerce solution based on business requirements. At Pixxelu, our professional eCommerce web development team performs in-depth research to help you achieve exceptional results and ROI by developing a feature-rich eCommerce website that align with your business needs.
Build Featureful and Fast eCommerce Development Website

List of Best eCommerce Web Development Services

eCommerce Strategy & Consultation

eCommerce Strategy & Consultation

Our team of experienced eCommerce developers will craft a result-oriented strategy to make help you develop the best custom eCommerce solution.

Web Development Services

eCommerce Website Development

We will develop a faster, featureful, and performance-centric custom eCommerce website that aligns with your business goals.

Custom Ecommerce Development

Custom eCommerce Design

Our experienced design team will create a highly engaging website creating the best user experience by designing innovative masterpieces.

eCommerce Platform Migration

eCommerce Platform Migration

Easily transfer your existing eCommerce platform to a new platform by safely migrating your eCommerce website.

eCommerce Website Optimization

eCommerce Website Optimisation

Just developing a website won’t do any good. It is essential to optimize your eCommerce website with keywords, content, and performance.

Custom Ecommerce Development Services

eCommerce & CRM Integration

The blend of eCommerce and CRM enhances sales and helps you with inventory planning and forecasting directly benefits your business.

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Contact us. Share your requirements with our professional eCommerce developer and build a fully functional eCommerce website.
Benefits of eCommerce Development Services

Why Choose Custom ECommerce Development?

Custom eCommerce Development

Decrease Losses and Costs

Basic mistakes such as data entry errors will be eliminated, and you can focus directly on increasing clients and conversions.

Custom Ecommerce Development

Improve the Marketing and Promotion

Store and manage your client information efficiently by integrating CRM with an eCommerce website that will help you improve marketing as well.

Custom Ecommerce Development Company

Enhance Sales Team Performance

Earn profit from CRM integration by strategically pitching and arranging payment terms for customers without investing too much time.

Custom Ecommerce Development

Competitor Advantage

Get a distinct advantage over your competitors by using automated and coordinated information to increase your company’s effectiveness.

Custom Ecommerce Development Company

Customer Experience

Enhance your customer experience by helping clients to educate themselves about the arrival of the product.

Custom Ecommerce Development Services

Craft Solid Strategy Using CRM Reports

Get complete reports on your organization's target audience, analyze the data, and get the flexibility to arrange and implement new sales methodologies.

Hiring Shopify Developers is Easy

WordPress Development

1 Talk to One of Our Experts

A specialist on our team will work with you to comprehend your objectives, technical needs, and team dynamics. 

WordPress Development
Wordpress Web Design and Development

2 Work With Hand Selected Talent

Our managers can help you to find the right talent for your project. The average time to match is under 24 hours.
WordPress Development
WordPress Development

3 The Right

Work with your new team member on a trial basis, ensuring you hire the right people for the job.
Single project templates

Single Project Templates

Ui Ux Design Agency

Med Barn Store

Custom eCommerce Development

Ux Design Agency

The Modern Shop

Custom eCommerce Development

Hire Web Designers

Maxar Braces

Custom eCommerce Development

Website Design Services

Smile Stream Solutions

Custom eCommerce Development

Wordpress Theme Development Company


Custom eCommerce Development

Wordpress Website Services

Gym Shark

Custom eCommerce Development

Custom eCommerce Development Services for Diverse eCommerce Industry

The e-commerce website we build is intended to assist you in giving your users a smooth and outstanding buying experience. Each of our e-commerce website solutions is In order to provide user-driven e-commerce solutions that produce results, we use the most recent e-commerce trends and technologies. Regardless of your business type, our experienced eCommerce team will help you build a website and grow in the digital space.

Want to Develop a Custom eCommerce Website?

Talk to us. Contact our professional eCommerce development consultant and discuss your requirements with them.
Single project templates

Great Reviews

97 Out Of 100 Clients Have Given Us A Five Star Rating On Google & Clutch

I highly recommend them; we've experienced a nice engagement 
The client is delighted with Pixxelu's excellent work, which has exceeded their expectations. They lead a prompt process and stick to budgets to ensure a solid project management experience. The team also praises their speedy deliveries, which are key to the engagement's success.

Shahul Dawood

Owner, MS Security Solutions

They were a very good company. They delivered the project on time and provided good communication.
Pixxelu delivered the website on time, and the client was satisfied with the results. Even after handing over the code, the vendor willingly modified the website to accommodate the client's requests and meet their requirements. Their team ensured efficient communication via WhatsApp and email.

Wei Wen Chan

Marketing Manager, Digital Marketing Company

They are very patient and are always willing to assist to make your idea to fruition.
The platform is in the launch phase and is almost complete. Pixxelu Digital Technology's team is efficient, patient, helpful, and communicative.

Manuel Umerie


Frequently Asked Questions

eCommerce development costs range from $1000 to $10,000 or more. The price of an eCommerce store depends upon factors such as project scope, requirements, and complexity of the website.
eCommerce development takes 1 to 6 months to develop, depending upon the project requirements and complexity. The eCommerce timeline depends upon the developer’s experience, project scope, and changes suggested by the client as well. If the team receives multiple modifications while developing the website, the timeline may increase accordingly.
Of course, we highly focus on building mobile-friendly eCommerce websites which work across multiple devices such as smartphones, and mobile browsers. Our team chooses the development platform that allows optimizing websites for web and mobile browsers.
Our eCommerce development team is well versed in working with diverse payment gateways such as Paypal, Stripe,, etc. It allows users to easily make payments via credit, debit, and eWallet apps. However, our recommendation for the client is to choose the standard payment gateway.
Building an eCommerce doesn’t mean our job is completed. We make sure to offer complete assistance even after developing an eCommerce store. You will receive hands-on training from our professional eCommerce developers. In between training, you can discuss everything related to the project. You will receive training on how to use the website’s backend and different features integrated into the online store.
Yes, we would love to hear about your eCommerce project and understand what exactly you would like to achieve by developing your eCommerce website. Our team will help you clear out all of your doubts, and even suggest the best methods to scale your eCommerce website as well. Once we agree, our team will start developing a fully functional eCommerce website for you.
Hiring eCommerce Developers is Easy

Hire eCommerce Developers With Flexible Hiring Models

Full Time

Start Working in 72 Hours
$ 39
  • Only works for you in dedicated mode
  • Duration: 8Hrs/Day - 5 Days/Week(160Hrs/Month)
  • Billing: Monthly
  • Minimum Duration: 1 Month

Part Time

Start Work in 48 hours
$ 39
  • Need a few hours of attention to the work
  • Duration: 4 Hrs/Day - 5 Days/week(80 Hrs/Month)
  • Billing: Monthly/Weekly
  • Minimum Duration: 40 Hours


Start Work in 24 Hours
$ 39
  • Prefer better half for your business
  • Duration: 8Hrs/Day - 5Days/Week
  • Billing: Weekly/Daily/Monthly
  • Minimum Duration: 40 Hours

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